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Running either wet or dry, the MiniBlue® is whisper quiet whilst reliably removing condensate and debris. Inherently reliable whilst self priming it gives peristaltic performance at the price of a piston pump. The MiniBlue® is small enough to quickly fit, or retro fit, into any existing installation, saving both time and money.

  • Whisper quiet
  • Patented rotary diaphragm technology
  • No maintenance required
  • Positive displacement pump eliminates need for check valve and siphon
  • Tolerates suspended solids
  • Capable of running dry without an overheating failure
  • Plenum-rated and UL-listed

All of the BlueDiamond® pumps have the ability to run dry without burning out. Enabling them to remove any liquids, preventing organic growth inside the tubing. Quiet in all stages of operation and not only when set to quiet mode or relying on a soft start setting.

  • Product Type: Air and water
  • Max Flow: 8 litres per hour
  • Max Head: 8 metres
  • Suction Lift: 5 metres
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 138㎜×58㎜×67㎜


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