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MALCO RedLine 5-Blade Sheet Metal Crimper

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Equip yourself with only the best during HVAC installation with the Malco 5-Blade Sheet Metal Crimper. Each crimp from this tool creates long, shallow double crimps that replicates factory indentations. These longer shallower crimps result in a tighter fitting, more self supporting, leak proof connection. Made with nickel plating to help resist corrosion and hardened steel for greater strength and resistance to abuse.

The Malco 5-Blade Sheet Metal Crimper also features comfortable ergonomic RedLine Handles. These handles offer non-slip handle grip contours, spring handle actuation, and a thumb-operated handle latch. The engineered handle opening of the tool compliments the natural power stroke of any user’s hand.

  • Quickly downsize ends of round duct and stove pipe
  • Creates a tight fitting, more self-supporting crimp connection
  • Compound leverage produces 7 to 1 mechanical advantage
  • Ergonomic Redline Handles won’t wear you down


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