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POWERS FASTENERS Wall-Dog™—Zinc-Plated • 32㎜ • 100 Pack

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The Wall-Dog™ is an all steel, one piece, threaded fastener, which is used to fasten various fixtures directly to drywall. Wall-Dog™ fasteners are fast. Unlike conventional screw anchors, which require the secondary step of threading a sheet metal screw into an anchor, the Wall-Dog™ is installed directly through the fixture into the drywall.

Features and Benefits

  • Installs in a variety of base materials.
  • Installs directly through fixtures into wallboard—no second step is required
  • When removed the Wall-Dog leaves a much smaller hole than toggles or other systems
  • Thread design prevents spinning and stripping
  • Heat-treated point penetrates metal and wood studs
  • Two finished heads, oval and pan
  • Two colours, chrome & white head
  • No pilot hole required for wallboard
  • Can be easily backed out of hole
  • No hole spotting required


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