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YELLOW JACKET Complete Expander Kit • ⅜″~1⅛″

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MPN: 60407 • YELLOW JACKET Complete Expander Kit

With long handles for comfortable leverage, easily expand ⁵⁄₁₆″ to 1⅛″ O.D. soft copper and aluminum tubing in seconds. Select from nine expander heads to attach to the front of the handles.

  • Precise swaging on the job
  • Re-round deformed tubes and fittings
  • Salvage shorts and scrap to make couplings
  • Handles, tapered expanding pin, and other moving surfaces heat treated for durability
  • Use on 0.063″ wall soft copper and aluminum to 1⅝″ O.D. (anneal hard copper prior to use)
  • Use on 0.047″ wall soft steel to ⅞″ O.D.
  • Kit includes six expander heads; three optional sizes sold separately


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