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YELLOW JACKET Complete Flare/Swage Kit • ³⁄₁₆″~¾″

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This combination tool both flares and swages soft or annealed copper and similar materials.

  • Six hardened and plated alloy steel adapters are interchangeable to convert sizes and functions
  • Slip-on self-centering steel yoke has a feed screw with extra long handle
  • Deeply knurled adapters
  • Flaring bars are hardened and chrome plated for durability
  • Kit comes complete with six swage adapters, flaring cone, two flaring bars, yoke and a deluxe case
  • 60440 small-size swages and flares for ³⁄₁₆″ to ¾″ O.D. tubing
  • 60453 mid-size swages and flares for ½″, ⅝″ and ¾″ O.D. tubing
  • 60455 large-size swages and flares for ¾″, ⅞″ and 1⅛″ O.D. tubing


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