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YELLOW JACKET RecoverXLT - Non Flammable Refrigerants Only

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  • Single valve control for easy changeover from liquid to vapor to purge
  • Robust compressor design for fast recovery of liquid and vapor refrigerant
  • Advanced ½ ㏋, twin cylinder, 1725 rpm oil-less compressor with precision valves
  • Recovers refrigerant and shuts off when unit reaches 15″ of vacuum—works on even the largest systems (over 200 lbs. of refrigerant) while 608 compliant (for the listed refrigerant classes)
  • Indicator signals “recovery complete”
  • Quiet running with components nested to reduce vibration and noise. Oil-less compressor is inherently quiet
  • Controls and gauges inset for protection and angled for easy access and viewing
  • Senses back pressure from tank and shuts off automatically at 517 psi for safety
  • Reusable mesh particulate filter inserts into suction port for protection. Simple cleaning eliminates replacement due to clogging
  • “On-the-fly” purge with simple turn of a knob to remove residual refrigerant and help prevent cross-contamination
  • High efficiency fan keeps air moving across condenser for cool running even in hot weather
  • High strength HDPE case for lightweight and rugged use. Rounded corners help protect from nicks and scrapes
  • Single high pressure safety switch—external circuit breaker
    Includes three-year compressor warranty on domestic models (one year on international models)
  • Made in the USA
  • Tested by UL to ARI 740-98 (ARI 740-95 for 95700 and 95765)


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