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3M Temflex™ 1610 Vinyl Electrical Tape • 19㎜×20m • Black

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Temflex™ 1610 Electrical Tape is a quality, economical, general purpose vinyl insulating tape available in 10 colors. Temflex 1610 is designed for
use in phase identification, color coding of motor leads and piping systems and for marking safety areas. It has excellent resistance to abrasion,
moisture, alkalies, acid and varying weather conditions (including sunlight). It is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tape that has high wet dielectric
strength, is conformable, and provides excellent mechanical protection with minimum bulk.


Protective jacketing for high voltage cable splices and repairs.

  • Harnessing of wires and cables
  • For indoor or outdoor applications
  • For above or below grade applications
  • Color coded for job identification and safety
  • 10 colors

Typical Data/Physical Properties

  • Dielectric Strength: >1000 V/㏕ (>39.4㎸/㎜)
  • Thickness: 6㏕ (0.15㎜)
  • Elongation: 200%
  • Breaking Strength: 16lb/㏌ (18.5㎏/㎝)
  • Adhesion
  • To Steel: 16oz/㏌ (1.75N/10㎜)
  • To backing: 16oz/㏌ (1.75N/10㎜)


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