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SUPERSEAL HPR25™ Flexible Sealant • 400g Cartridge • Grey

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SuperSeal HPR 25 is a high performance, one part hybrid moisture curing construction sealant, which cures to form a seal that is tough, elastic and weatherproof. SuperSeal HPR Construction MS is a low modulus product for use in situations that may experience significant expansion and contraction. SuperSeal HPR 25 is easy to apply and tool off. Fast skinning allows for rapid job turnaround.


  • Isocyanate and solvent-free
  • Highly flexible—±25% of original joint width
  • Excellent resistance to weathering and UV radiation, resists yellowing
  • No bubble formation when curing
  • Paintable with high-build, flexible emulsion coatings
  • Does not sag or slump in joints up to 30㎜
  • Strong adhesion
  • Sag-resistant


  • Sealing expansion and control joints in tiling, walls, roofs, wall, door and window frame perimeters, cladding and brickwork
  • In applications where a level of chemical resistance is required
  • In seals where acoustic properties are required


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